Midvale City

Station Area Master Plans


In the recently adopted Midvale City General Plan, redevelopment of the 7200 South and Center Street station areas was identified as a priority.  We are now planning for future development of the 7200 South Station Area and the Center Street Station Area.  The Plans will create a vision, goals and preferred options for future development in each of the station areas, as well as implementation steps to make the vision a reality.

The process to create the master plans for re-imagining the 7200 South and Center Street Station Areas began in the fall of 2017. There have been four public open houses as part of the planning process. In the public open houses, the community identified a set of guiding principles for the future of each station area. The community wants a transformation of each station area with increased connectivity and public space as well as new opportunities for eating, shopping, working and living.

Transformation of the two station areas will occur through an intensification of land uses to justify the public and private investment needed in the area. That investment will occur on a project by project basis. Each project can, and should, catalyze significant transformation in the area. Projects must meet minimum urban design standards and occur in conjunction with the transformation of the streets and public space network in each of the station areas. This section identifies the most likely timing of catalytic projects in each of the station areas as well as the neighborhoods’ preferences for urban design considerations, which were identified in the public process. The recommended illustrative plan for each station area includes:

1.  Areas most likely to redevelop in the:

a. Near term – in the next five years,
b. Mid-term – in 5-10 years, and
c. Long-term – beyond 10 years.

2.  The massing and height preferences of participants in neighborhood meetings for each of the catalytic areas.

3.  The street network and public space concepts.

4.  The street and public space types for the station areas.

18_06_29 7200 South Land Use.jpg
7200 S Annotation.jpg
18_06_29 Center Street Land Use.jpg
Center Street Annotation.jpg
7200 S Street Network Concept.jpg
7200 South Station Street Network annotation.jpg
Center St Street Network Concept.jpg
Center Street Station Street Network annotation.jpg

The Plans will be submitted to the City Council for discussion in a workshop meeting on September 11. There is a survey for each of the station areas for you to provide your feedback on the draft plans on the Survey tab. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

The State of Utah is experiencing unprecedented growth. Midvale is no exception to this trend. This video produced by the Kem C. Gardner Institute provides information about growth and economics.

Please check back here for updates on the planning process and opportunities to give your feedback and opinion.